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Scientific Programs

APCTP-CTPU-GSDC 2017 LHC Physics Workshop @Korea

PLACE : Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea | DATE : 2017-08-01~2017-08-03

ORGANIZER : Sun Kun Oh (Konkuk University)

Scientific Programs

The 9th Conference of the Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-9)

PLACE : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | DATE : 2017-08-08~2017-08-11

ORGANIZER : Khian-Hooi Chew (University of Malaya)

Scientific Programs

2017 Asian-Pacific Summer School and Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology (APCTP-ITP-NCTS-YITP-CUHK Joint Program)

PLACE : The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong | DATE : 2017-08-14~2017-08-20

ORGANIZER : Tjonnie Guang Feng Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Scientific Programs

Geometry and Holography for Quantum Criticality

PLACE : APCTP headquarters, Pohang, Korea | DATE : 2017-08-18~2017-08-26

ORGANIZER : Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univeristy )

Scientific Programs

International workshop for string theory and cosmology 2017

PLACE : Busan Haeundae | DATE : 2017-08-23~2017-08-25

ORGANIZER : Jae-Hyuk Oh (Hanyang University)

Scientific Programs

Summer Institute 2017 -Phenomenology of Elementary Particles and Cosmology

PLACE : Fuji-Calm, Fuji-Yoshida, Yamanashi, Japan | DATE : 2017-08-25~2017-08-31

ORGANIZER : Jisuke Kubo (Kanazawa University)

Scientific Programs

Tensor Network States

PLACE : Hongik University, Seoul, Hong-Mun Hall, R313 | DATE : 2017-08-28~2017-08-31

ORGANIZER : Myung-Hoon Chung (Hongik University)

Scientific Programs

Physics and Applications of Nanoelectronic and Nanomechanical Systems

PLACE : Yong Pyong Resort, Pyong-chang, Korea | DATE : 2017-08-28~2017-08-30

ORGANIZER : Sang Wook Lee (Ewha Womans University)

Scientific Programs

15th International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations

PLACE : Jeju Island, Republic of Korea | DATE : 2017-08-28~2017-09-01

ORGANIZER : Hyunseok Jeong (Seoul National University)

Scientific Programs

Asia Pacific Workshop on Quantum Magnetism (APWQM)

PLACE : Seoul National University | DATE : 2017-08-28~2017-08-30

ORGANIZER : SungBin Lee (KAIST, Republic of Korea)

Scientific Programs

14th International Conference on Intersubband Transition in Quantum Wells (ITQW 2017)

PLACE : Marina Bay Sands Conference Room, Singapore | DATE : 2017-09-10~2017-09-15

ORGANIZER : Qijie Wang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Scientific Programs

Short-time Dynamics in Novel Superconductors and strong spin-orbit coupled systems

PLACE : IBS Daejeon, Korea | DATE : 2017-09-18~2017-09-22

ORGANIZER : Alireza Akbari (APCTP)

Scientific Programs

Fields and Space-Time Dynamics by Discrete Method

PLACE : APCTP Head quater | DATE : 2017-09-18~2017-09-24

ORGANIZER : Noboru Kawamoto (Hokkaido Univ.)

Scientific Programs

The International Symposium on Physics of Unstable Nuclei 2017 (ISPUN17)

PLACE : Halong City, Vietnam | DATE : 2017-09-25~2017-09-30

ORGANIZER : Khoa Tien Dao (Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, Vinatom, Vietnam)

Scientific Programs

Asia-Pacific Conference and Workshop on Quantum Information Science (APWQIS 2017)

PLACE : Khiva, Uzbekistan | DATE : 2017-10-01~2017-10-04

ORGANIZER : Choo Hiap Oh (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Scientific Programs

The 5th Conference on Applied and Engineering Physics (CAEP- 5)

PLACE : DALAT City | DATE : 2017-10-02~2017-10-04

ORGANIZER : Khiem Hong Le (Institute of Physics, VAST, Vietnam)

Scientific Programs

International workshop “New aspects of the Hadron and Astro/Nuclear Physics”

PLACE : Tashkent, Uzbekistan | DATE : 2017-10-10~2017-10-14

ORGANIZER : Yousuf Musakhanov (National University of Uzbekistan)

Scientific Programs

Fourth Dynamics Days Central Asia

PLACE : Bukhara, Uzbekistan | DATE : 2017-10-21~2017-10-23

ORGANIZER : Giulio Casati (Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems, Como, Italy)

Scientific Programs

The 20th Asian Workshop on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations

PLACE : Nanjing University, Jiangsu, China | DATE : 2017-11-06~2017-11-08

ORGANIZER : Xiangang Wan (Nanjing University)

Scientific Programs

The 9th APCTP Workshop on Multiferroics

PLACE : University of Tokyo(Kashiwa campus), Japan | DATE : 2017-11-09~2017-11-11

ORGANIZER : Tsuyoshi Kimura (University of Tokyo)

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