[2015-06-05] Chronicles of Light
[2014.07.23-08.01] Solving AdS/CFT 2
[2014.07.14-07.23] Aspects of holography
[2014.07.07-07.09] Biophysics School
[2015.06.18] Dark Matter Search
[2014.12.17-12.20] Miniworkshop on cosmology
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Call for Programs

2016 APCTP Call for Programs

Submission Deadline: August 30, 2015

Applications are accepted online only at https://www.apctp.org.

Please refer to the attached pages for the application procedure.


The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) is an international scientific organization which pursues the highest quality research in all areas of theoretical physics and promotes cooperation among scientists from its member countries or Asia Pacific regions and beyond. With these goals, APCTP calls for proposals for programs of the fiscal year 2016 as detailed below. Inputs and proposals from scientific community are crucial for determining activities of the Center. The selected proposals will constitute core activities of the Center.


Academic Programs

These are short-term programs designed to initiate international research activities through conferences, workshops, or schools. These also include joint programs with institutions under cooperation agreements. These programs shall discuss frontier research topics, foster young scientists, and contribute to form research cooperation networks among diverse physics groups and organizations in the Asia Pacific regions and beyond. These programs may be held at the Center or other places in Korea, if needed, or oversea venues for joint programs. These programs will provide young scientists (graduate students and young post-doctors) with opportunities to meet the frontier or emerging research topics and their participation is strongly encouraged. The educational and training aspects of these programs are viewed as one of the most important missions of the Center since its establishment.


Focus Research Programs

These are intensive research programs of two weeks to several months for focused research and discussions on recent hot topics. It enables local research groups and communities to develop international collaborations and to integrate into Asia Pacific communities. These programs also give opportunities to small groups of active international researchers to pursue in-depth studies in a sharply focused field of utmost interest in physics and related area.


Visitor Programs

The Center hosts short and long-term visits by researchers or small research groups from, but not limited to, the Asia Pacific regions as well as world-class scholars. Visitors are expected to collaborate with APCTP research groups and to participate in the scientific activities such as seminars and workshops at the Center.


Above programs are open to all scientists worldwide. We recommend, however, for better communication with the Center, that proposals have local/Korean organizer(s) or liaison(s). For visitor and joint programs, applications are accepted all year around. The selection criteria for programs include scientific excellence and intellectual significance of the proposal, contributions made by scientists from member countries, and the level of cooperation with the research groups at the Center and associated networks. For programs requiring a long preparation, we recommend to submit an early application for the activity in the fiscal year of 2017. Applications received after the deadline will be considered on the basis of funding availability. More details on the application and running programs can be found at https://www.apctp.org. Questions and specific inquiries should be sent to sec@apctp.org.

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