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ICTP Affiliated Center (ICAC)
This work is partially supported by the ICTP through the OEA-AC-98. The purpose of this project is to enhance the development of research into Statistical Physics and Complex Systems at the APCTP in cooperation with the ICTP. Statistical Physics, Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Applications represents a common research area between the APCTP and ICTP. Statistical Physics and Complex Systems have been widely used to understand biological, social, and economic problems. At the POSTECH campus that hosts the APCTP, six groups are working on Statistical Physics: Profs. Pan-Jun Kim, Junghyo Jo, and YongSeok Jho at APCTP; and Profs. Seunghwan Kim, Woo-Sung Jung, and Wokyung Sung at Physics Department, POSTECH. In particular, Profs. Pan-Jun Kim, and Junghyo Jo have special interest in biological physics and neuroscience. As quantification of life is an important research topic that the ICTP is developing, the collaboration between ICTP (e.g., Prof. Antonio Celani) and APCTP groups will synergize for a better understanding of life. To make the dream an actuality, we propose this ICTP Affiliated Center program. The program will play a pivotal role for promoting young scientists to be involved in this research direction. The planned research breaks into three components associated with the research of (i) the JRG under Prof. Pan-Jun Kim and (ii) the JRG under Prof. Junghyo Jo and (iii) Prof. Paul A. Pearce. A separate ICTP Visiting Scholar Application is being submitted in conjunction with this application to support the participation of Prof. Pearce from the University of Melbourne, Australia. It is possible that Prof. Seunghwan Kim and his PhD students at the Nonlinear and Complex System Laboratory (NCSL) at POSTECH could join the project at a later date.
- Project: Statistical Physics and Complex Systems at the APCTP
- Researchers:
Prof. Soon-Hyung Yook (APCTP Statistical Physics Coordinator, Kyung Hee University)
Prof. Paul A. Pearce (Chair, APCTP Board of Trustees, University of Melbourne)
Prof. Pan-Jun Kim (JRG Leader, APCTP, Emergent Dynamics of Complex Living Systems)
Dr. Jaeyun Sung (Postdoctoral Fellow, APCTP)*
Dr. Mathias Foo (Postdoctoral Fellow, APCTP)*
Dr. Jill Cabatbat (Postdoctoral Fellow, APCTP)
Mr. Seunghyeon Kim (PhD Student, APCTP / ICTP Fellow)
Prof. Junghyo Jo (JRG Leader, APCTP, Design Principles of Cellular Networks)
Dr. Danh-Tai Hoang (Postdoctoral Fellow, APCTP)*
Dr. Dong-Ho Park (Postdoctoral Fellow, APCTP)
Mr. Juyong Song (PhD Student, APCTP / ICTP Fellow)
Ms. Jin Xu (PhD Student, APCTP)
- Research Program:
Generalized two-dimensional lattice statistical models of polymers and percolation
(Prof. Paul A. Pearce)
Perturbed dynamics of complex networks, focusing on cell-to-cell interactions in microbial systems
(Prof. Pan-Jun Kim)
Design Principles of Cellular Networks
(Prof. Junghyo Jo)
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