APCTP 2013 LHC Physics Workshop @Korea
August 06 (Tue), 2013 ~ August 08 (Thu), 2013
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    Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea
    August 06 (Tue), 2013 ~ August 08 (Thu), 2013

    We are very pleased to announce that ‘’APCTP 2013 LHC Physics Workshop @ Korea’’ will be held on 6-8, August, 2013, at Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea, under the auspice of APCTP.


    It is well known to the physics community worldwide that APCTP is one of the internationally leading agencies located in Asia, dedicated to promote international cooperation among scientists in all areas of physics from the member countries within the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. In order to fulfill the purpose of APCTP, it has selected this workshop in the last three consecutive years as one of its main activities in the field of high energy physics. 


    It is our purpose to provide this workshop as a platform for promoting the international relationship between Korean high energy physics communities and the leading organization of the sort in the world, CERN.


    Further, this workshop would like to provide communications and collaborations between experimental and theoretical physicists in the Asia Pacific region who take part, and want to take part, in the LHC program. In order to ensure active participation of young physicists who are interested in the LHC program, the vast and firm network of APCTP in the region would be of great help and necessity. We hope that this workshop will be a suitable place for those who are working in Korea for the LHC experiments to get together and exchange their ideas and achievements.

    Invited Speakers

    Yang Hwan Ahn (KIAS)

    Seungwon Baek (KIAS)

    Gabriela Barenboim (Valencia, Spain)  "CP violating Higgs(es) after LHC"

    Sungtae Cho (Yonsei University)

    Kang Sin Choi (Ewha Women’s University)

    Su-Urk Chung (BNL) “Central Productions for COMPASS and ALICE”

    Eung Jin Chun (KIAS) “Radiative generation of the Higgs potential”

    Rohit Dhir (Yonsei University) "Weak Decays of Heavy Flavor Baryons"

    Manuel Drees (Bonn, Germany) "Reconstructing CMSSM parameters using an artificial neural network"

    Paolo Giubellino (CERN) TBC

    Shivani Gupta (Yonsei University)

    Hisaki Hatanaka (KIAS) “SO(5)xU(1) gauge-Higgs unification”

    Jae Ho Heo (Yonsei University)

    Byungsik Hong (Korea University) “Hard probes in heavy-ion collisions from CMS”

    Patrick Janot (CERN)

    Yu Seon Jeong (Yonsei University)

    Siyeon Kim (Chung-Ang University)

    Chul Kim (Seoul National University of Science & Technology) "Stop pair production at the LHC"

    Yong-Yeon Keum (APCTP) “No More Anomaly in the TeV-scale Cosmic-Ray Proton and Helium Spectra”

    Guinyun Kim (Kyungpook National University)  

    Wontae Kim (Sogang University) “Conical singularity and phase transition in gravity”

    Chinorat Kobdaj (Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand) Bumseok Kyae (Pusan National University)

    Pyungwon Ko (KIAS) "CDM vs. Higgs (Tentative)"

    Chinorat Kobdaj (Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand)

    Jae Sik Lee (Chonnam National University) “Higgcision”

    Jae Yong Lee (Konkuk University) "Probing new physics beyond the Standard Model with on-shell renormalization scheme"

    Kang Seok Lee (Chonnam National University) 

    Soo-hyeon Nam (KISTI)

    Massimo Passera (Padova, Italy) "Testing new physics with lepton g-2"

    Seo Dong Shin (SNU) 

    Jeonghyeon Song (Konkuk University)

    Pankaj Sharma (KIAS)

    Toru Sugitate (Hiroshima University, Japan)

    Yong TANG (KIAS) "Constraints on the couplings of color octet scalars"

    Rudiger Voss (CERN) TBC

    Sudhir Vempati (Centre For High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) "neutrino masses in Randall-Sundrum models "

    Chaehyun Yu (KIAS)

    Daicui Zhou (Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan 430079 China)


    Hyun Min Lee (KIAS) “Gravity-mediated dark matter”

    Kang Young Lee “Heavy gauge bosons at the LHC in nonuniversal SU(2) model”

    Wanil Park (KIAS) 


    Korea Tier-1 in WLCG session

    Sang-Un Ahn (안상언 KISTI), WLCG Tier-1 Demonstration Plan Status

    Sang-Oh Park (박상오 KISTI), WLCG Tier-1 Tape Archiving System

    Il-Yeon Yeo (여일연 KISTI), GSDC System Report

    Sun Kun OH, chairperson
    e-mail address: sunkun@konkuk.ac.kr
    APCTP is the initial hosting institution.

    GSDC of KISTI is co-hosting the workshop.

    Also, this workshop is supported by Konkuk University, CHEP of Kyungpook National University, School of Physics of KIAS, the Korea-ALICE team of Pusan National University, KCMS of Korea University, and WCU-QPD of Konkuk University.