Mini-school on Entanglement and Quantum Phase Transition

31 October ~ 2 November 2017
30 November ~ 2 December 2017
Pohang, Korea

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    Modern understanding of quantum phase transition has been significantly enriched by incorporating ideas from quantum information theory. The aim of this school is to focus on a few topical issues at the interface between quantum phase transition and quantum information theory. There will be three invited lecturers, who will give a series of lectures to cover the subject in depth.


    Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, Korea

    Invited Lectures
    • Román Orús (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität)

      Entanglement and Tensor Networks in Condensed Matter

      31 Oct ~ 2 Nov 2017

    • Rosario Fazio (ICTP)

      Entanglement and Quantum Phase Transitions

      30 Nov ~ 2 Dec 2017

    • Paul Pearce (University of Melbourne)

      Conformal Field Theory and Entanglement Entropy

      30 Nov ~ 1 Dec 2017

    • Ki-Seok Kim (POSTECH) (

    • Alireza Akbari (APCTP) (

    • Jaeyoon Cho (APCTP) (