8th IACS-APCTP-KIAS Joint Conference on Emergent Phenomena in Novel Oxide Materials and Low Dimensional Systems
December 15 (Thu), 2016 ~ December 17 (Sat), 2016
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    VENUE Seminar room 512, APCTP Headquarters, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea

    PERIOD December 15 (Thu.) ~ December 17 (Sat.), 2016




    Novel and emergent materials have attracted major interest in condensed matter research because of their wide ranging physical properties that are not only important for basic research but also for various applications. The major purpose of this conference is to present and discuss about cutting-edge theoretical work on novel and emergent materials that will include transition metal oxides, spin-orbit materials, topological insulators, novel iron based superconductors, and two-dimensional materials. In particular, Graphene and topological insulators constitute a novel class of materials in condensed matter physics whose low-energy quasiparticles obey Dirac-like, rather than Schrodinger like, equations. The main purpose of the present meeting will be to discuss about recent progresses in theory (both ab-initio as well as many-body approaches) to understand these novel materials. The conference will also have special talks by leading experimentalists in the Asia Pacific region working in the area mentioned above.




    Spin-orbit coupling materials

    Topological insulators

    Transition metal oxides

    Fe based superconductors





    Jaejun Yu (Seoul National Univ., Korea | Chair)

    Kwon Park (KIAS, Korea | Co-chair)

    Indra Dasgupta (IACS, India | Co-Chair)

    Yunkyu Bang (Chonnam National Univ., Korea)

    D. D. Sarma (IISc, India)




    Yunkyu Bang (Chonnam Natl U, Korea)

    Aveek Bid (IISc, India)

    Subhro Bhattacharjee (TIFR, India)

    Debraj Choudhury (IIT, India)

    Indra Dasgupta (IACS, India)

    Myung Joon Han (KAIST, Korea)

    Sungdae Ji (POSTECH, Korea)

    Ji Young Jo (GIST, Korea)

    Changyoung Kim (SNU, Korea)

    Kee Hoon Kim (SNU, Korea)

    B.I. Min (POSTECH, Korea)

    Han Jin Noh (Chonnam Natl U, Korea)

    Jae-Hoon Park (POSTECH, Korea)

    Kwon Park (KIAS, Korea)

    Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta (S.N. Bose Center, India)

    D. D. Sarma (IISc, India)

    Goutam Sheet (IISER, India)

    Young Woo Son (KIAS, Korea)

    A. Sundaresan (JNCASR, India)




    APCTP (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics)

    IACS (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science)

    KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)




    Prof. Jaejun Yu: jyu@snu.ac.kr
    Prof. Kwon Park: kpark@kias.re.kr
    Ms. Simji Kwak: simji.kwak@apctp.org