Third Year of APCTP-WCU Focus program “From dense matter to compact stars in QCD and in hQCD”
April 09 (Mon), 2012 ~ April 18 (Wed), 2012
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    APCTP Headquarter, Pohang
    April 09 (Mon), 2012 ~ April 18 (Wed), 2012
    This year program purports to unravel the state of cold baryonic matter relevant to compact stars that can, and will, be accessed in the near future by the forth coming accelerators such as KoRIA (Korea) and other RIB machines (Japan, China, USA, Europe, …) and ultimately FAIR (GSI/Darmstadt). The focus here will be on EFT approaches to EoS that are immediately relevant to both the structure of asymmetric nuclei and the symmetry energy in the vicinity of nuclear matter which can give crucial clues to how the EoS determined up to nuclear matter density extrapolates beyond to high density believed to be present inside compact stars. Precisely-formulated QCD-motivated EFT descriptions in conjunction with accurate experimental data in the vicinity of nuclear matter density will provide strong constraints for the holographic approaches that have the potential to address the strongly-correlated high-density regime that is inaccessible to lattice QCD and for which there are no trustful model-independent QCD-based tools.
    Effective Field Theories
    Halo nuclei
    Drip Lines 
    EoS for Compact Stars  
      Mannque Rho (CEA France &  Hanyang Univ.)
      Hyun Kyu Lee (Hanyang Univ.)
      Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univ.)
      Youngman Kim (APCTP)
    Core Participants 
    Francesco Giacosa (FIAS)
    Hans-Werner Hammer (Bonn Univ.)
    Byungsik Hong (Korea Univ.)
    Charles Horowitz (Indiana Univ.)
    Kei Iida (RIKEN)
    Kyung Kiu Kim (IEU)
    Youngman Kim (APCTP)
    Bira van Kolck (University of Arizona)
    Chang-Hwan Lee (Pusan Naional Univ.)
    Hyun Kyu Lee (Hanyang Univ. )
    Yongseok Oh (Kyungpook National Univ.)
    Mannque Rho (CEA/Hanyang Univ.)
    Chihiro Sasaki (FIAS)
    Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univ. )
    Betty Tsang (Michigan State Univ.)
    Hermann Wolter (Univ. of Munich)
    Hyun Kyu Lee:
    Youngman Kim: