"Dark Energy in a Dark Age" Lecture Series
June 30 (Tue) ~ November 30 (Mon), 2020

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    A seminar room at APCTP or KASI and online via zoom.

       During this unprecedented pandemic (and its dark age), academia must adapt and online events offer the silver lining that experts at the forefront of research can share their insights in an accessible way. In keeping with the theme, there will be extra kudos for anyone who can open up the cosmic dark ages beyond the dark energy regime in a seminar talk. The speakers will be decided on a rolling basis and speaker suggestions are welcome through the contact point below. 

      Stephen Appleby (APCTP)
      Benjamin L'Huillier (Yonsei)
      Eoin Ó Colgáin (APCTP)
      David Parkinson (KASI)
      Arman Shafieloo (KASI)

    June 30th 11am Eric Linder (Berkeley/ECL/KASI)  


    July 14th 4pm Young-Wook Lee (Yonsei)


    July 21st 10am Daniel Scolnic (Duke)


    July 28th 4pm  Eleonora Di Valentino (Manchester)


    Aug 4th 2pm Myung Gyoon Lee (Seoul National University)


    Aug 11th 4pm Clare Burrage (Nottingham)


    Aug 18th 2pm Hitoshi Murayama (Berkeley/IPMU)


    Aug 25th 3pm Paul Steinhardt (Princeton)


    Sep 2nd 3pm Gong-Bo Zhao (Chinese Academy of Science)


    Sep 8th 9am  Adam Riess (Johns Hopkins)

    Sep 15th 4pm  George Efstathiou (Cambridge) Video 
    Sep 22nd 9am Antonella Palmese (Fermi Lab) Video 
    Sep 29th  Chuseok Holiday (no talk)


    Oct 6th 4pm  Lavinia Heisenberg (ETH Zurich)


    Oct 13th 4pm  Luca Amendola (Heidelberg) Video 
    Oct 20th 10am  Cumrun Vafa & Georges Obied (Harvard) Video 
    Oct 27th 4pm  Harry Desmond (Oxford) Video 
    Nov 6th4pm Ulf Danielsson (Uppsala)


    Nov 24th9am David Polarski (Montpellier) Video 
    Dec 1st10am  Paul Shapiro (Texas)