2014 Quantum Materials Symposium

in conjunction with 14th Korea-Japan-Taiwan Workshop on SCES

February 22 (Sat), 2014 ~ February 26 (Wed), 2014
■ 14th KJT Workshop


    14th Korea-Japan-Taiwan Workshop on Strongly Correlated Electron System




    This year’s KJT meeting marks the 14th workshop on strongly correlated electron systems held by physicists from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The symposium covers subjects in the condensed matter physics with emphasis on novel properties of strongly correlated electron systems.


    Organizing Committee

    s  International
    Atsushi Fujimori (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Di-Jing Huang (NSRRC, Taiwan)
    Jaejun Yu (Seoul National University, Korea)

    s  Local
    Je-Geun Park (Seoul National University, Korea)


    Previous KJT Workshops


    s  The 13th symposium in Osaka, Japan in Jan. 2013

    s  The 12th symposium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in Mar. 2012

    s  The 11th symposium in Jeju, Korea in Feb. 2011

    s  The 10th symposium in Himeji, Japan in Mar. 2010

    s  The 8th symposium in Incheon, Korea in Nov. 2007

    s  The 7th symposium in SPring-8, Japan in Oct. 2006

    s  The 4th symposium in Nagano, Japan in Sep. 2003

    s  The 2nd symposium in SPring-8, Japan in Sep. 2001