February 24 (Sat), 2018 ~ March 01 (Thur), 2018
Muju Deogyusan Resort, Korea

■ Program

    QMS2018 Program


    Day 1 (2/25)
    Morning 1
        Zachary Fisk(University of California-Irvine)
    The Current Picture of SmB6
    Morning 2
        Dohun Kim(Seoul National University)
    Electrical detection of surface spin polarization of candidate topological Kondo insulator SmB6
        Filip Ronning(Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    Search for novel topological phases in actinide compounds
        Alireza Akbari(APCTP)
    Drumhead surface states and their signatures in quasiparticle scattering interference
    Afternoon 1
        Shik Shin(University of Tokyo)
    High resolution laser-ARPES on topological superconductor
        Yong P Chen(Purdue University)
    Topological Insulator based Josephson Junctions: a platform to probe topological superconductivity
    Afternoon 2
        Jeehoon Kim(POSTECH)
    ‘Blackswan’ metal
        Takeshi Kondo(University of Tokyo)
    Evidence for magnetic Weyl fermions in a correlated metal
        Kuensu Kim(Yonsei University)
    Tunable band gap and topological phase transition in black phosphorus
    Day 2 (2/26)
    Morning 1
        Tae Won Noh(Seoul National University, IBS-CCES)
    Spin-orbit coupling induced novel phenomena in 5d pyrochlore oxides
    Morning 2
        Jun Fujioka(University of Tokyo)
    Anomalous magneto-transport property in pyrochlore iridates with Mott criticality
        Gang Chen(Fudan University)
    Topological engineering in Pr2Ir2O7
        Duk Y. Kim(2Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics, Institute for Basic Science, Sungkyunkwan University,)
    Thermal transport studies on the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn5
    Afternoon 1
        MyungJoon Han(KAIST)
    Establishing Jeff =3/2 Ground State in a Lacunar Spinel GaTa4Se8
        Hongming Weng(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Spontaneous Ferroelectric Distortion Driven Weyl Semimetal in Oxide HgPbO3
        Duck Young Kim(HPSTAR)
    Novel oxidation state of iron, peroxide FeO2: Understanding physical properties and implication to
    Afternoon 2
        Yanming Ma(Jilin University)
        Xiao-Jia Chen(HPSTAR)
    Discovery of superconductivity in polyparaphenylene oligomers
    Day 3 (2/27)
    Morning 1
        Kamran Behnia(ESPCI)
    Superconductivity and ferroelectricity in strontium titanate
    Morning 2
        Jeremy Levy(University of Pittsburgh)
    Correlated Nanoelectronics
        Philip D. C. King(University of St Andrews)
    Ferromagnetic and spin-orbit coupled d-electron surface states of delafossite oxides
        Photo time
    Photo time
    Day 4 (2/28)
    Morning 1
        Collin Leslie Broholm(Johns Hopkins University)
    Morning 2
        Je-Geun Park(Seoul National University)
    Magnetic van der Waals Materials: Potentials and Applications
        Paul Alexander McClarty(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems)
    Nonperturbative Topological Magnons
        Mattew J. Coak(Seoul National University, IBS-CCES)
    Insulator-metal transition through applied pressure in 2D hexagonal antiferromagnet FePS3
    Afternoon 1
        Michel Kenzelmann(Paul Scherrer Institut)
    Possible quantum critical point in superconducting Nd-doped CeCoIn5
        Bumjoon Kim(POSTECH)
    Higgs Mode and its Decay in the Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnet Ca2RuO4
    Afternoon 2
        Poster Preview
    Poster Preview
        Poster Sessoion
    Poster Sessoion
    Day 5 (3/1)
    Morning 1
        Bohm-Jung Yang(Seoul National University)
    Unconventional topological phase transition in two-dimensional noncentrosymmetric systems
        Mark Edward Barber(Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids)
    Resistivity in the Vicinity of a Van Hove Singularity: Sr2RuO4 Under Uniaxial Pressure
    Morning 2
        Junwoo Son(POSTECH)
    Hydrogen-induced Reversible Phase Transition in Correlated Oxides
        Kee Hoon Kim(Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University)