The 2nd workshop on spin-orbit coupled topological states
September 19 (Thu), 2019 ~ September 21 (Sat), 2019

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    POSCO International Center(PIC), Pohang, Korea


    September 19 (Thu), 2019 ~ September 21 (Sat), 2019


    This workshop is going to focus on the topic of topological states of matter in strongly correlated systems ranging from Mott insulators to unconventional superconductors. In the recent years, many attentions have been attracted to some new states of matter which are called topological phases of matter. These new phases exhibit an interesting manner, insulating in the bulk and as a conducting on the surface. Such states, which can be found in many compounds like spin liquids, transition metal oxides, non-centro symmetric superconductors, Half-Heusler compounds, Weyl semi metals as well as the heavy fermion systems are widely discussed. The goal of this meeting is to present the state of the art in experimental investigation and theoretical understanding of such systems. With the above goal we plan to have an exchange of ideas between experimental and theoretical approaches which are used to investigate the excited state, its relaxation, and in particular the interactions that mediate this relaxation in Mott insulators and High-Tc superconductors.

    Previous Workshop
      The 1st SOCTS 2018 at Pohang, Korea:

      Hyun-Woo Lee (POSTECH) 
      Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH)
      Ki-Seok Kim (POSTECH)   
      Gil Young Cho (POSTECH)
      Yunkyu Bang (POSTECH)
      Jae-Hoon Park (POSTECH)  
      Kwon Park (KIAS) 
      Tae-Hwan Kim (POSTECH) 
      Eun-Gook Moon (KAIST) 
      Sungbin Lee (KAIST) 
      Bohm-Jung Yang (SNU)
      Suk Bum Chung (University Of Seoul)
      Keun Su Kim (Yonsei University)  
      Jungdae Kim (Ulsan University) 
      Gil-Ho Lee (POSTECH)
     Alireza Akbari (APCTP)
     Yoshiteru Maeno (Kyoto University)
     Ross Mcdonald (Los Alamos National Lab)
     Tien-Ming Chuang (SINICA)
     Hyunsoo Kim (University of Maryland)

    Confirmed Invited Speakers 
      Qian Niu (University of Texas)
      Chih-Kang Shih (University of Texas)
      Manuel Bibes (CNRS Thales)
      Sangjun Jeon (Chuang-Ang University)
       Yoshiteru Maeno (Kyoto University)
      Takasada Shibauchi (Tokyo University)
      Haruki Watanabe (Tokyo University)
      Bogdan A. Bernevig (Princeton University)           
      Masatoshi Sato (Kyoto University)
      Chen Fang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
      Jeffrey Teo (University of Virginia)    
      Takahiro Morimoto (Riken)
      Minoru Yamashita (Tokyo University)

               Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH, Pohang,
    Hyunwoo Lee (POSTECH, Pohang,
    Ki-Seok Kim (POSTECH, Pohang,
    Gil Young Cho (POSTECH, Pohang,