International Workshop for String Theory and Cosmology
June 19 (Wed), 2013 ~ June 21 (Fri), 2013
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    Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea
    June 19 (Wed), 2013 ~ June 21 (Fri), 2013
    This International Workshop on String Theory and Cosmology is an annual workshop held in Korea. This year it will be hosted as a satellite workshop of "String 2013 Conference" in Seoul. The scope is focussed mainly on Cosmology and Gravitation this year. The workshop will be open style so that the registrants can present their recent work and exchange new ideas on current issues.
    - Theoretical Cosmology
    - Gravitation
    - String Cosmology
    - Observational Cosmology
    - Other related fields
    Inyong Cho (Seoul National University of Science and Technology: Chair)
    Kyoung Yee Kim (Inje University: Co-Chair)
    Rong-gen Cai (Institute of Theoretical Physics)
    Nobuyoshi Ohta (Kinki University)
    Yungui Gong (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
    Yun-Soo Myung (Inje University)
    Soonkeon Nam (Kyung Hee University)
    Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang University)
    Yoonbai Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)
    Hang Bae Kim (Hanyang University)
    Hyeong-Chan Kim (Korea National University of Transportation)
    O-Kab Kwon (Ewha Womans University)
    Corneliu Sochichiu (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
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