AdS/CFT for phenomenologists
March 30 (Sat), 2019
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    Yonsei University, Science Hall B102
    1:30pm, March 30 (Sat), 2019
    Lecture title
    AdS/CFT for phenomenologists
    An esoteric word, "AdS/CFT" in the title just stands for a certain duality between quantum theory and gravity theory. Depending on the context, it may be called the AdS(Anti-de Sitter Space)/CFT(Conformal Field Theory) correspondence, gauge/gravity duality, or holographic principle(method). This lecture focuses on phenomenological aspects of "AdS/CFT". In particular, the main theme is to propose (not prove) how to describe strongly correlated quantum systems in terms of classical gravity theories. For example, some properties of quark-gluon plasma and strange metal (non-Fermi liquid) will be discussed. These belong to the research fields called AdS/QCD(Quantum Chromodynamics) and AdS/CMT(Condensed Matter Theory), which will not sound esoteric by now, hopefully.
    Invited Speakers
    Keun-Young Kim (GIST)
    Hyun Min Lee (CAU,, Seong Chan Park (Yonsei,, Jeonghyeon Song (Konkuk,, Sunghoon Jung (SNU,