Duality and Novel Geometry in M-theory
January 26 (Tue), 2016 ~ February 04 (Thu), 2016
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     APCTP, Postech, Pohang, Korea

    January 26 (Tue), 2016 ~ February 04 (Thu), 2016

    Double Field Theory, Exceptional Field Theory, U-gravity, Supergravity, String Theory.

    Much exciting progress has been made recently on the extensions of supergravity  based on extended symmetry principles under  names such as,  Double Field Theory,  Exceptional Field Theory or U-gravity. We hope to invite experts on these subjects, to foster atmosphere for collaborations  and new discoveries.

       Xavier Bekaert (University of Tours)

    David S. Berman* (Queen Mary University of London)

    Chris D. A. Blair (Vrije University and International Sovay Institutes) 

    Martin Cederwall* (Chalmers University of Technology)

    Kang-Sin Choi (Ehwa Womans University) 

    Machiko Hatsuda (Juntendo University and KEK) 

    Imtak Jeon (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) 

    Hyojoong Kim (Kyung Hee University)

    Nakwoo Kim*** (Kyung Hee University)

    Kanghoon Lee* (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

    Emanuel Malek (Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munchen)

    Charles Melby-Thompson (Fudan University)

    Eoin O Colgain** (APCTP)

    Aybike Ozer (Istanbul Technical University)

    Jakob Palmkvist (Texas A&M) 

    Jeong-Hyuck Park* (Sogang University)

    Franco Pezzella (INFN, Napoli) 

    Soo-Jong Rey (Seoul National University) 

    Yuho Sakatani (Seoul National University)

    Masaki Shigemori (Kyoto University) 

    Minwoo Suh* (Sogang University)

    Daniel C. Thompson (Vrije University and International Sovay Institutes)

        *  Organizers

      **  Local organizer

    ***  Chair


        Ms. Eunyoung Choi (APCTP secretary)  eunyoung.choi@apctp.org