Discrete Approaches to the Dynamics of Fields and Space-Time
September 19 (Tue), 2017 ~ September 23 (Sat), 2017
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    Seminar Room 512, APCTP Headquarters, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea
    September 19 (Tue), 2017 ~ September 23 (Sat), 2017
    Discrete approaches on space-time have been playing an important role for laice gauge theory and dynamical triangulation of quantum gravity and other formulations. In formulating various non-perturbative formulations discrete approaches make numerical calculation possible. We consider that
    discrete approach would be indispensable even for a possible new formulation beyond Standard Model and even for Planck scale physics. According to the developments of the nonperturbative formulation of superstring theory and in the gauge/gravity correspondence the discrete approaches to the dynamics of fields and space-time are getting increasingly important and they even have strong connection with condensed matter physics and quantum information theory. 
       In this workshop we aim to encourage that researchers who have mutually connected thema come  
        ​together and discuss and exchange ideas for further new developments. As concrete subjects, we
        discuss: lattice gauge theory, large N gauge theory, lattice supersymmetry, field theories on non-
        commutative space-time, gauge/gravity correspondence, quantum gravity, matrix models of non-
        perturvative formulation of string theory, lattice gravity , tensor models, etc. Recent developments of
        condensed matter physics which are closely related to particle physics will be discussed as well. 
       This workshop is one of series of workshops, 2010 in YITP, 2012 RIKEN, 2013 KEK, 2014 Keio U.,
       2015 in Okayama Inst. Quantum Phys., 2016 Shizuoka U.. This is the first trial of outside of Japan. 


       Noboru Kawamoto (Chair, Hokkaido Univ.),  Hyun Seok Yang (Co-Chair, Sogang Univ.)

       Seyong Kim (Sejong Uinv.),                            Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univ.),

       Tsuguhiko Asakawa (Maebashi Institute of Technology),  Fumihiko Sugino  (IBS, Daejeon)    

       So Matsuura  (Keio Univ.),                              Jun Nishimura  (KEK) 

       Hiroshi Suzuki  (Kyushu Univ.),                     Yoshiyuki Watabiki  (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

       Satoshi Watamura  (Tohoku Univ.),                Masanori Hanada  (Kyoto Univ.)

       Daisuke Kadoh  (Keio Univ.),                         Hiroyuki Fuji  (Kagawa Univ.)

       Masafumi Fukuma  (Kyoto Univ.),                 Shinsuke Nishigaki  (Shimane Univ.)

       Issaku Kanamori  (Hiroshima Univ.),             Goro Ishiki  (Tsukuba Univ.)

       Asato Tsuchiya  (Shizuoka Univ.),                 Yuki Sato  (Chulalongkorn Univ.)

       Naoki Sasakura  (Kyoto Univ.)                   

       Hyun Seok Yang (Sogang Univ.): ya19683@gmail.comhsyang@sogang.ac.kr 
      APCTP: sec@apctp.org