22nd APCTP Winter School on Fundamental Physics
January 22 (Mon), 2018 ~ January 29 (Mon), 2018
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    January 22 (Tue), 2018 ~ January 29 (Mon), 2018

    This school is intended to provide graduate students from member countries with an opportunity to learn some of basic subjects in fundamental physics.
    The main topics intended are, quantum field theories, string theories, general relativity, particle physics and cosmology. The lectures will be pedagogical with an emphasis on basic concepts and technical details which will help students understand current research papers and start their own independent research.

    This year, the main topics are (1) Black holes, and (2) Integrability in field theory and string theory.

    If you wish to participate, please sign up at the registration page. Accepted students will be provided with accommodation and meals during the event.
    Faculty members as well as postdocs are all welcome to attend this meeting, but please note that the financial support might not be applicable, due to limited budget. Our secretary will be happy to help arrange accommodation, so please inquire if you need help.

    Invited Speakers
    Gleb Arutyunov (Hamburg University, Germany)
    Roberto Emparan (ICREA, Spain) 
    Hossein Yavartanoo (ITP and CAS Beijing, China)

       Chanju Kim (Ewha Womans U.)
       Nakwoo Kim (Kyung Hee U.)
       Seok Kim (Seoul National U.)
       Jaemo Park (Postech)
       Jeong-Hyuck Park (Sogang U.)

    keunkyung.yoo@apctp.org (Ms. Jenny Yoo)