APCTP 2014 LHC Physics Workshop @Korea (C-04)
August 05 (Tue), 2014 ~ August 07 (Thu), 2014
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    Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea
    August 05 (Tue), 2014 ~ August 07 (Thu), 2014
    This workshop is the eighth of its series.
    It hosts professors, researcher, and postdocs as well as graduate students in the fields of particle physics who are staying in Korea in August.
    Among the number of conferences, workshops, schools, and seminars, this workshop aims to invite young doctors to share their ideas and refresh their studies during the hottest vacation season. 

    Tentative topics are listed below:
    [1] LHC experiment at ALICE and CMS -Overviews and prospect
    [2] Theoretical and phenomenological activities at LHC
    [3] Physics beyond LHC experiments -Beyond SM physics -String physics -Astrophysics -Extra dimensions -Other topics
    [4] LHC Tier center activities in Korea 

    Organizers and Advisors
    Kiwoon Choi (IBS, CTPU)
    Suyong Choi(Korea Univ & KCMS)
    Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
    Deog-Ki Hong(Pusan Nat Univ)
    Haengjin Jang (KISTI, GSDC)
    Do-Won Kim (GWNU)
    Guinyun Kim (Kyungpook Nat Univ & CHEP)
    Jihn E Kim (Seoul Nat Univ & Kyunghee Univ)
    Seunghwan Kim (Postech & APCTP)
    Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
    Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei Univ)
    Bum-Hoon Lee (Sogang Univ & KHEP)
    Soonkeon Nam (Kyunghee Univ & KPS PF)
    Sun Kun Oh (Konkuk Univ, Chairperson)
    In-Kyu Park (Univ of Seoul)
    Jae Mo Park (Posatech & APCTP)
    Dongchul Son (Kyungpook Nat Univ)
    Jeonghyeon Song (Konkuk Univ)
    Toru Sugitate (Hiroshima Univ)
    Ruediger Voss (CERN)
    Invited Speakers Include
    Jihn E. Kim (KHU and SNU) 
    Deog-Ki Hong (Pusan National University)
    Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
    Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
    Tao Han (University of Pittsburgh)
    Beomseok KYAE (Pusan National University)
    Youngjoon KWON (Yonsei University) 
    Won Tae KIM (Sogang University)  
    Inkyu Park (University of Seoul)  
    Seongchan Park (SKKU)
    Ki Young Choi (KASI)
    Kang Sin Choi (Ewha Woman's University) 
    Jae-Weon Lee (Jungwon University)
    Yong-Yeon Keum (SNU)
    Jong-Chul PARK (University of Kansas)
    Hyun Min LEE (KIAS) 
    Kihyeon CHO (KISTI)
    Chinorat Kobdaj (Suranaree Univversity of Technology)
    Sang-Un Ahn (GSDC/KISTI)
    Yang Hwan AHN (KIAS) 
    and others

    Sun Kun Oh (Konkuk University)

    Host and Sponsor Institutions
    APCTP, CHEP of Kyungpook National University, CTPU of IBS, GSDC of KISTI, KCMS of Korea University, KIAS, and Konkuk University