The 8th School of Mesoscopic Physics
Introduction to Quantum Computing
POSCO International Center POSTECH, May 23 (Thu) ~ May 25 (Sat), 2019

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      POSCO International Center, POSTECH
      May 23 (Thu), 2019 ~ May 25 (Sat), 2019
      The main object of the school is to give a very intuitive and easy introduction to quantum computing. (Undergraduate physics background is require to understand the whole lectures. Some introductory lectures may be understood without the background.)
    * All the lectures will be given in Korean.
      1. The basics of quantum computer
      2. qubit operation, algorithm, error correction
      3. Various qubits (superconducting qubit and quantum dot qubit)
      4. Experimental aspect of quantum computer
      5. Theoretical background of quantum computer.
      6. Quantum Simulator
         Chair & Co-Chair
             Yunchul Chung (Pusan National University)
             Heung-Sum Sim (KAIST)
             Yong-Joo Doh (GIST)
        Scientific Committee
            Dohun Kim (Seoul National University)
         Local Committee
             Gil-Ho Lee (POSTECH)
    Invited Speakers
      Isaac Kim (Stanford University)
      Joonwoo Bae (KAIST)
      Dohun Kim (Seoul National University)
      Yun-Pil Shim (University of Maryland)
      Taeyoung Choi (Ewha Womans University)
      Hosung Seo (Ajou University)
      Prof. Yunchul Chung (ycchung+Pusan National University)
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