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Call for Programs

The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) is an international scientific organization which pursues the highest quality research in all areas of theoretical physics and promotes cooperation among scientists from its member countries or Asia Pacific regions and beyond. With these goals, APCTP invites proposals for programs every year as detailed below. Proposals and feedbacks from scientific community are crucial for determining activities of APCTP, and the selected proposals will constitute its core activities.

Any types of short-term and long-term programs are acceptable as APCTP programs. They are categorized as follows.

Category-1: Conferences, workshops, and schools
Category-2: Focus (intensive) research programs
Category-3: Topical research programs
Category-4: Activities in member countries and MOU-based joint programs
APCTP Category-1 programs aim to initiate international research activities through conferences, workshops, or schools. In general, the duration of these programs is up to one week, and these programs shall discuss frontier research topics or educate young scientists, and contribute to forming research cooperation networks among diverse physics groups and organizations.

APCTP Category-2 programs are intensive research programs which typically last one week or two week. These programs aim to have profound discussions on focused research topics at the headquarters of APCTP, and the number of participants is limited.

APCTP Category-3 programs are topical research programs that are held throughout the year for selected research topics and discussions on recent hot topics through a series of mini-workshops and/or seminars. These programs enable local research groups and communities to develop international collaborations and to integrate into Asia-Pacific communities.

APCTP Category-4 programs are activities that will take place in member countries or jointly with the institutes under MOU. These programs aim to promote scientific activities in member countries. The application should be followed by the supporting letter issued by a general council member or partnership institutions unless it is an MOU-based program.

Submission of "Scientific Programs Application" ▶ Review /Selection ▶ Submission of Program Working Schemes ▶ Academic Activities based on working Schemes(Workshops, Seminars, Lectures, Visitors, etc.) ▶ Submission of final report

Please e-mail to sec(at)apctp.org for further information.
APCTP Guidelines for Category-4 Programs taking place outside of Korea
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Please e-mail to sec(at)apctp.org for further information
The APCTP holds seminars and lectures at the Center headquarters in Pohang or and the Branch Office in Seoul as a part of its activities throughout the year. The seminars and lectures are occasionally held in other places in cooperation with other research groups and organizations.
Submission of "Seminar & Lectures Application" ▶ Approval ▶ Announce on the Homepage

Please e-mail to sec(at)apctp.org for further information.
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