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* TITLE Critical Phenomena & Applications
Name Affiliation E-mail
Paul Pearce APCTP, Pohang , Korea papearce(at)unimelb.edu.au
* HOST(Applicant)
Name Affiliation E-mail
Alireza Akbari APCTP, Pohang , Korea alireza(at)apctp.org
* DATE / TIME 2018-03-13 3/13, 3/15, 3/20, 3/22
We would like to invite him for a seminar.
-Talk Title : Critical Phenomena & Applications
-Abstract: This is the third part of a three part series of lectures presenting an introductory Masters level course on Statistical
Mechanics. Each part consists of about 6 lectures. The first part introduced the classical ensembles of Gibbs with applications to the
ideal gas.
The second part introduced lattice spin models, the thermodynamic limit, one-dimensional models and mean-field theory.
The third part will cover scaling and universality in critical phenomena, the renormalization group, random walks and percolation.
* ABSTRACT FILE Lecture2018(final).pdf
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