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On-line web-journal <Crossroads> is published to show the vision for Science, Future and Humanity by the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics. The web-journal aims to build up a network for scientist in the Asia-Pacific region and expand the base of science, lead popularization of science through communication among scientist, the public and various journals. The <Crossroads> consists of Science Feature Articles, Science Essays, Science Fiction and various genre of writings. The journal is published monthly and available online both in English and in Korean.

Upgrading Science Culture in Korea
Looking Back on Activities in 2013
The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) launched the science webzine Crossroads on October 1, 2005, shortly before the center’s 10th anniversary. Around the same time, the center began...
Vol. 9 Issue 12 (Dec, 2013)

Comets throughout HistoryPark Sang-joon, Director, Seoul Sci Fi Archive Since time immemorial, humans have been observing objects in the sky, everything from the sun and moon and all the stars an...
Vol. 9 Issue 11 (Nov, 2013)
Small Experiments, Vast Vista
translated by Seoulselection
 Dr. Philip Kim of Columbia UniversityInterview by Prof. Lee Kwan-soo  Rain was falling intermittently on the morning of June 30. I was on my way to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Seoul's Nonhyeo...
Vol. 8 Issue 10 (Oct, 2012)
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