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Dear APCTP colleagues - it is a great honour and a privilege for me to be appointed as APCTP President. I stand here truly humbled by the enormous responsibility bestowed upon me and high expectations placed upon me to lead the Center. It will be a daunting task to satisfy the expectations and our challenges will therefore be great, but I am fully confident that with the dedicated efforts of everyone involved in the Center, we will rise up to those expectations and challenges.
2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Center. Since its establishment in 1996, the APCTP has been changed and grown in scope and influence. We also have experienced very rapid growth in Korea’s domestic and in the Asia-Pacific Region’s research infrastructure and facilities. KIAS and the recently founded institute, IBS are only part of the rapid growth. I can also name more: the IPMU in Japan, the KITPC and ICTP-Asia Pacific in China and several theoretical physics research institutes in Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc.
Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that those quantitative expansions do not guarantee more opportunities to researchers. Also, those constant changes around us require the Center to look back upon the past 20 years and adapt. And I believe such changes would require all to adapt, including the community which supports the Center, the Korean Government, local governments and POSTECH.
I strongly believe the key to our Center success is ‘international cooperation’. The APCTP was founded on a firm basis of its international community, and the innate characteristic is something that other institutes cannot have. To be successful in the long run, the Center needs to play to its strength. With the natural advantage, the Center should play a critical role as a global network hub in the field of theoretical physics in the Asia Pacific Rim. Also, the Center should play a leading role in the Asia Pacific to cooperate with advanced institutes in North America and Europe.
To achieve those, I would like to encourage our 15 member countries to actively participate in the core of the Center ? organizing, selecting and operating of academic activities. And I trust this positive change should be recognized by the Korean Government. Of course, in the meantime, I will also seek to popularize science and seek advantageous to all parties involved, respectively with local governments and POSTECH.
Imagine that research at the Center is a trunk of the tree, then a fruit will be JRG. I would like to see the Center embodies a virtuous circle ? of introducing new programs such as a long-term academic program, improving its level of research and the Center’s growth.
The Center’s numerous, various scientific activities have been made possible due to our extremely talented and devoted Staff. They have been supportive branches of the tree. The branches attached to the solid trunk of the tree will produce fruits, the Center’s growth. I would also like to introduce a new system that can enhance Staff’s capabilities and pride.
In closing I would like to thank all of you for bearing witness to this important moment of the Center. I wish you every success and personal fulfilment in the future.
Thank you.
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