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    Subject Physics Of Glass Transition (Physics Of Glass Transition)
    TYPE 특별 강연
    DATE/TIME 2006-09-01 ~ 2006-09-01
    PLACE APCTP Seminar Room (APCTP Seminar Room)
    SPEAKER Prof. Kurt Binder (Prof. Kurt Binder)
    AFFILIATION Institut fuer Physik Universitaet Mainz (Institut fuer Physik Universitaet Mainz)
    * 주제 : Physics Of Glass Transition
    * 연사 : Prof. Kurt Binder 
    * 소속 : Institut fuer Physik Universitaet Mainz, Germany
    * 일시 : Sep. 1(Fri), 2006
    * 장소 : Seminar Room #512, APCTP Headquarters

    * Title : Physics Of Glass Transition
    * Speaker : Prof. Kurt Binder 
    * Affiliation : Institut fuer Physik Universitaet Mainz, Germany
    * Date : Sep. 1(Fri), 2006
    * Place : Seminar Room #512, APCTP Headquarters
    * Abstract
    This is a general interest talk, mentioning experiments, theoretical concepts and computer simulation to describe what is the general knowledge on this "grand challenge problem" of condensed matter physics

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