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    제목 Two dimensional solids and superfluids (Two dimensional solids and superfluids)
    TYPE 특별 강연
    DATE/TIME 2008-06-16 ~ 2008-06-16
    PLACE #101, Hogil Kim Memorial Bldg., POSTECH (#101, Hogil Kim Memorial Bldg., POSTECH)
    SPEAKER Prof. J. Michael Kosterlitz (Prof. J. Michael Kosterlitz)
    AFFILIATION Brown University (Brown University)

    * 행사명 : Two dimensional solids and superfluids.  

    * 연   사 : J. Michael Kosterlitz

    * 소   속 : Brown University, USA 

    * 일   시 : June 16(Mon), 15:00

    * 장   소 : Hogil Kim Memorial Bldg. 101, POSTECH

    * 주   최 : APCTP,  POSTECH

    * Tilte : Two dimensional solids and superfluids.  

    * Speaker : J. Michael Kosterlitz

    * Affiliation : Brown University, USA 

    * Date : June 16(Mon), 15:00

    * Place : Hogil Kim Memorial Bldg. 101, POSTECH

    * Hosted by APCTP,  POSTECH

    * Abstract:

    According to a rigorous theorem by Hohenberg, Mermin and Wagner, long range order in such systems does not exist in two dimensions. However, this does not forbid the existence of superfluids and crystals in two dimensions. This talk will discuss theoretical and experimental studies of this class of two dimensional systems. Particular attention will be paid to some exact theoretical predictions and their experimental verification.