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    Call for Application for visit 2024 (APCTP Associate Fellow Program)

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    Dear APCTP Associate Fellows,


    We are pleased to announce that the APCTP is open for year-round applications for Visit to the Center scheduled until November 2024.



    If you are interested, kindly find the attached form for a working scheme and fill it up.

    The working scheme needs to be submitted to the Research Support Team( by at least two months in advance of your visit schedule.


    Each application will go under a review and the result will be announced later.


    We kindly advise planning your visit schedule in advance.

    Please be aware that due to our budgetary constraints, there may be occasions when support is not available.



    Thank you for your interest in the APCTP Associate Fellow Program.


    For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Research Support Team( 



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