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    ICTP Affiliated Center (ICAC)


    Statistical Physics, Complex Systems and Condensed Matter Physics at the APCTP

    The Affiliated Center (ICAC) at the APCTP was founded in 1998 and is partially supported by the ICTP through the grant OEA-AC-98. The purpose of the Center is to enhance the development of research into Statistical Physics, Complex Systems and Condensed Matter Physics at the APCTP in cooperation with the ICTP. The disciplines of Statistical Physics, Complex Systems and Condensed Matter Physics represent common research areas between the APCTP and the QLS and CMSP Sections of ICTP. The program will play a pivotal role inencouraging young scientists in the Asia Pacific region to be involved in these research disciplines.

    Statistical Physics and Complex Systems have been widely used to understand the complex behaviour of biological, social, and economic systems. At the POSTECH campus that hosts the APCTP, there are a number of groups working on Statistical Physics and Complex Systems.Initially, the emphasis of ICAC was on Quantitative Life Sciences through two JRG groups led by Profs. Pan-Jun Kim and Junghyo Jo at APCTP. Before the departure of Profs. Pan-Jun Kim and Junghyo Jo, a strong interaction was established with Profs. Matteo Marsili and Anthony Cellani at ICTP. With the arrival of the JRG leader Prof. Hang-Hyun Jo, the emphasis on these topics has evolved towards applications in social science and economics with a focus on networks and dynamics. In these areas, there is a synergy with the Physics of Social Complexity (PoSCo) group at APCTP-POSTECH.

    More recently, the ICAC has broadened to include the area of Condensed Matter Physics. This expansion was cemented with the incorporation of the JRG group of Prof. Alireza Akbari into the ICAC. It has also enableda strong synergy with the ICTP Asian Network on Condensed Matter and Complex Systems:

    With its many activities, this interaction has instigated strong ties with Profs. Rosario Fazio, Mikhail Kiselev and others at ICTP.

    Current Personnel

    Prof. Paul A. Pearce (Coordinator, University of Melbourne, Generalized Two-Dimensional Lattice Statistical Models of Polymers and Percolation) Prof. Seunghwan Kim (POSTECH) Prof. Woo-Sung Jung (APCTP/POSTECH) Prof. Alireza Akbari (JRG Leader, Many-Body Theory and Correlated Systems) Prof. Hang-Hyun Jo (JRG Leader, Statistical Physics of Complex Systems) Mehdi Biderang (PhD Student, APCTP / ICTP Fellow)

    Previous Personnel

    Prof. Pan-Jun Kim Kim (JRG Leader, APCTP, Emergent Dynamics of Complex Living Systems) Prof. Junghyo Jo(JRG Leader, APCTP, Design Principles of Cellular Networks) Mr. Seunghyeon Kim (PhD Student, APCTP / ICTP Fellow) Mr. Juyong Song (PhD Student, APCTP / ICTP Fellow)