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    • The study of quantum gravity is put to the test in the context of black holes. The fact that black holes are thermodynamic objects with temperature, entropy, and the ability to emit
      thermal radiation—a discovery made by J. Bekenstein and S. Hawking—gives us a clear direction for understanding black holes and their microscopic quantum structure.
      My research focuses on investigating the thermodynamics of black holes as they emerge from string theory. By using deformed supergravities and the higher derivative
      supersymmetric actions provided by the superconformal calculus, I would like to analyze the issues from both macroscopic and microscopic perspectives. Using the
      quantum entropy formalism given by Ashoke Sen one accurately and methodically captures the quantum effects on black hole entropy, some of the approaches enable us
      to give string theory with precise tests as a contender for a theory of quantum gravity. In the future, I will continue to research distinct thermodynamic characteristics of
      extended objects or black holes in various ensembles.

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      • Particle Physics/Quantum Field Theory

        Particle Physics/Quantum Field Theory