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    YST - Young Scientist Training Program


    • My research primarily focuses on aspects of Matrix Models and their applications in understanding gauge theories and holography. In particular, concrete computations gives us a better understanding of holography in lower-dimensional setting where certain observables become exactly tractable. However, there is still a lot to learn even in lower dimensional gauge theory and gravity in their respective non-perturbative regime. Using the technology of resurgence, I intend to develop a systematic procedure to understand the non-perturbative effects of low dimensional gauge theories (such as 2D Yang-Mills), matrix models and also simple 2D gravitational theories (such as JT gravity). This will further shed light and provide is with valuable insights into the rich phase structure and free energy of various phases of these apparently simple looking theories. We will also attempt to identify the universal features which will further carry over to generic higher-dimensional theories.

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      • Particle Physics/Quantum Field Theory

        Particle Physics/Quantum Field Theory