• SAG

    SAG - Senior Advisory Group

    Name Prof. Gungwon KANG
    Affiliation Chung-Ang University – 2022-04-01 ~ 2026-03-31
    Research Interest Gravitation and Astrophysics

    1. Gravitational Waves and Numerical Relativity
    - Numerical simulations for black hole coalescences and encounters
    - Gravitational wave-form modeling
    - Multi-messenger astrophysics

    2. Black Holes and Quantum Gravity
    - Stability of black string/brane configurations
    - Black hole entropy, Black hole thermodynamics in general
    - Spacetime singularity

    3. Cosmology
    - Early universe: origin of the initial singularity and fluctuations
    Career 2022/02-present: Professor at Chung-Ang University Physics Department
    2009/09-present: Korean Gravitational Wave Group Member, LSC(LIGO Scientific Collaboration) Council Member
    2021/02-2022/02: Professor at Chung-Ang University High-Energy Center(CAU HEP)
    2016/01-2017/12: Council Leader of The Korean Physical Society Astrophysics Division
    2007/09-2021/08: Adjunct Professor at KAIST Physics Department
    2005/06-2021/01: Senior Researcher at Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI)
    2002/09-2005/05: Researcher at Korean Institute for Advanced Study(KIAS)
    2000/09-2002/08: KEK JSPS Fellow
    1995/09-2000/08: Raman Research Institute(2), Sogang Univ.(1), Yonsei Univ.(1) Post-doctoral Researcher, Research Professor at Inje University(1)
    1990/08-1995/08: Ph.D., University of Maryland
    1982/03-1988/02: B.S. & M.S., Yonsei University