• SAG

    SAG - Senior Advisory Group

    Name Prof. Kimyeong LEE
    Affiliation KIAS – 2022-07-01 ~ 2026-03-31
    Research Interest Quantum field theories, String/M theory, physics of M2 branes and M5 branes
    Career 2006-11: Grant, KRF National Scholar
    2006/07: Chair of School of Physics, KIAS
    2005/5-: Member, Korean Academy of Science and Technology
    1999/9-: Professor, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
    1998-99: Associate Professor, Seoul National University
    1996-99: Associate Professor, Columbia University, New York
    1992/04: The Second Award, the Gravity Research Foundation
    1991-97: NSF Presidential Young Investigator
    1991-95: Fellowship, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    1990-96: Assistant Professor, Columbia University, New York
    1988-90: Research Associate, Boston University
    1986-88: Research Associate, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
    1982-87: MS, MPhil, Ph.D., Columbia University, New York
    1981-82: Fellowship from Usan Foundation
    1977-81: Bachelor of Science, Seoul National University