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    Postdoc position at Junior Research Group "Non-equilibrium many-b…

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    Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in the Junior Research Group "Nonequilibrium many-body physics" of Ryo Hanai at the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, South Korea.

    APCTP, founded in 1996, is an international organization dedicated to excellence in research and the training of young scientists in the Asia-Pacific region. APCTP offers a great research environment with strong connections to a number of active theoretical and experimental research groups at the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). APCTP has broad international agreements with many leading institutions around the globe for scientific exchanges. The Junior Research Group "Non-equilibrium many-body physics" started in April 2021 with a broad interest on collective phenomena out of equilibrium, both in quantum and classical many-body driven systems. Recent publications are listed below. The postdoctoral fellow will primarily collaborate with Ryo Hanai on various topics in theoretical physics, such as (but not limited to) driven quantum bose/fermi/spin systems, nonequilibrium critical phenomena, active matter, and so on.

    The ideal candidate should have a PhD in theoretical physics or a related subject and genuine interests in the above topics. Previous experience with field-theoretical techniques, quantum statistical physics, and/or large-scale simulations is an advantage but is not required.

    The appointment is initially for one year but will be extended up to two additional years, if the research objectives are reached. The position is available from 09/2021. Salary follows the APCTP guidelines, starting at 32.500.000 KRW per year, for a junior postdoc. Review of applications will continue until the position is filled.

    If you are interested, please prepare an application package including a brief cover letter, the names of two professional references, your curriculum vitae with a list of publications, and a research statement of max 2 pages, where you describe your previous achievements. Please send your application package to

    Selected Publications

    [1] M. Fruchart*, R. Hanai*, P. B. Littlewood, and V. Vitelli, “Non-reciprocal phase transitions”, (*equal contribution), Nature 592, 363 (2021).

    [2] R. Hanai and P. B. Littlewood, “Critical fluctuations at a many-body exceptional point”, Physical Review Research 2, 033018 (2020).

    [3] R. Hanai, A. Edelman, Y. Ohashi, and P. B. Littlewood, “Non-Hermitian phase transition from a polariton Bose-Einstein condensate to a photon laser” Physical Review Letters 122, 185301 (2019).

    [4] T. Kawamura, R. Hanai, D. Kagamihara, D. Inotani, and Y. Ohashi, “Nonequilibrium strongcoupling theory for a driven-dissipative ultracold Fermi gas in the BCS-BEC crossover region”, Physical Review A 101, 013602 (2020).

    [5] A. McDonald, R. Hanai, and A. Clerk, “Steady-state properties of quantum non-Hermitian lattice models”, arXiv:2103.01941.

    [6] R. Hanai, P. B. Littlewood, and Y. Ohashi, “Photoluminescence and gain/absorption spectra of a driven-dissipative electron-hole-photon condensate”, Physical Review B 97, 245302 (2018).