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    Leaders of Independent Junior Research Group (JRG) 2023

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     Required Documents

     a curriculum vitae; a short description of research accomplishments with a publication list etc



    Leaders of Independent Junior Research Group

    (JRG) 2023


    The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) opens a few positions for Leaders of Independent Junior Research Group (JRG) in theoretical physics and related fields. The APCTP ( is an international center founded in 1996 with the first president, Professor C. N. Yang. We are pursuing the world-leading-level of research in theoretical physics.



    The aim of this position is to strengthen the research capacity of the Center by forming a new JRG. The Center has 17 member countries and plays a research network center of the Asia Pacific region in the field of theoretical physics through various academic activities. We encourage applications in the area of theoretical physics including, but not limited to, condensed matter physics, astrophysics, particle phenomenology, string theory, nuclear/hadron physics, and statistical/bio physics. The applicant eligible for a JRG leader should either be (1) under the age of 40 with a Ph.D. degree or (2) a holder of a Ph.D. degree obtained within the last 7 years. Experience performing research in related fields/topics is also required. Current JRGs at the Center can be found at the following link

    ( Each JRG leader will be based in Pohang, Korea where the APCTP is located, and build his/her own group as an in-house researcher with utter academic independence guaranteed. Leaders are also expected to promote and take advantage of our collaborative network with our partner institutions in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.



    The position is initially offered for three years, renewable up to two additional years depending on the research performance. An annual gross salary will start from KRW 70,000,000. In addition to the salary, a rent-free housing (contingent to the contract period), and research grant of KRW 100,000,000 per year will be provided. The grant can be used for hiring postdoctoral fellows and for covering research activities. The starting date is expected to be October 1, 2023. The JRG leader will also be appointed as an affiliated Faculty of the POSTECH Physics Department.



    1.     Application submission deadline: ~Feb. 28 2023 (UTC +09:00)

    2.    Review by the Selection Committee and invitation to attend an online interview: in April (tbc)

    3.    Online interview and presentation: in May (tbc)

    4.    Announcement of successful candidate: in May (tbc)



    Click here or find an attached file to download the application form.

    The following items should be submitted to the email address written below by February 28, 2023 (UTC +09:00):

    1.     an application form (in PDF);

    2.    a curriculum vitae;

    3.    a short description of research accomplishments with a publication list;

    4.    a statement of proposed work;

    5.    two letters of recommendation (reference letter), arranged to be sent directly from your referees by the same deadline.


       Each document submitted for items 1 to 5 above must be in English, and documents 2 to 4 should be combined in a single PDF file, unsigned and not encrypted.

       Thorough reading of ‘Job Description’ is required to determine applicant’s eligibility as it will not be answered by the Program Officer.


    Program Officer (Junior Research Group)

    Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics



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