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    Faculty Positions in Great Bay University

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     Required Documents




    Job description:

    Great Bay University's Department of Physics is seeking Faculty Positions in physics and related interdisciplinary areas, including but not limited to high-energy theory, high-energy phenomenology, astrophysics, gravity, cosmology, quantum physics and information, biological and chemical physics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics, condensed matter physics, statistical physics and complex systems, and mathematical physics. The GBU ( (Chinese); (English)) is a newly established public university in line with the national development strategy with the first president, Professor Gang Tian. The university's location at the heart of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area provides a vibrant environment for academic and research activities. Being in line with the national development strategy underscores its commitment to contributing to the advancement of science and education in China. 


    We offer the following ranks to outstanding candidates of all ranks: 

    1. Chair Professor: You are a leading scholar with a global reputation in your research field. You have a successful track record in research and education. You are skilled in setting strategic goals and leading large teams in conducting research programs.

    2. Professor and Associate Professor: You must have at least 5 years of independent research or industrial experience along with a proven record of publications and accomplishments. You can quickly set a long-term research goal and lead a team to conduct a research program.

    3. Assistant Professor: You have finished your Ph.D. and are establishing yourself as a promising researcher. You have a solid understanding of your research field, are innovative, and are a good team player. You can teach undergraduate and graduate courses independently.


    The GBU values its employees and recognizes the importance of offering competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain top talent. Providing internationally competitive salaries and generous start-up funds to attract skilled professionals from around the world, while benefits like annual leave and housing funds contribute to a positive work-life balance and overall well-being for employees. The university is looking for a candidate who not only excels in their research capabilities but also embodies qualities such as dedication, innovation, and collaboration. They should be able to publish impactful papers, demonstrate creativity in their field, and work effectively within a team. This position seems to require someone who can balance both independent research and teaching responsibilities while actively contributing to the overall academic growth of the institution.


    The following items should be submitted to the email address written below by September 30, 2024 (UTC +08:00):

    1. Cover Letter (up to 1 page); 

    2. Curriculum Vitae with a list of publications (up to 6 pages); 

    3. Research Statement (about past and proposed research, up to 6 pages); 

    4. Teaching Statement (up to 2 pages);

    5. Contact Information of Three or more References (up to 6 letters);  

    6. Representative Publications in 10 years (up to 10 papers); 

    7. Other supporting materials. 

    Please send your application, preferably as a single combined PDF file, to (School of Science). In the subject line, please indicate “Name+Position+Physics”. 


    Applications will be continuously accepted and considered on an ongoing basis. For confidential inquiries, please email (School of Science). For more information, visit the GBU website (English) or (Chinese). 



    School of Science (

    More Information: