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    Title Holography 2021: Quantum Matter, Information, and Spacetime
    Place Online (zoom link will be sent to the registrants)
    Registration/Participants Online (zoom link will be sent to the registrants on 19th.)
    Date 2021-08-16~2021-08-25 (Registerable Date : ~ 2021-08-19)
    Program Category 2
    Organizer Ki-Seok Kim (POSTECH)
    Keun-Young Kim (GIST)
    Byoungjoon Ahn (GIST)
    Koji Hashimoto (Osaka Univeristy)
    Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univeristy)
    Overview The aim of this focus program is bringing together international leaders in the areas of quantum field theory, gravity, string theory, condensed matter physics and quantum information in order to exchange ideas and discuss problems related to gauge/gravity duality, black holes, and quantum information.
    Invited Speakers Byoungjoon Ahn(GIST)
    Matteo Baggioli(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
    Sang-Mo Cheon(Hanyang University)
    Gil Young Cho(POSTECH)
    Jun-Hyung Cho(Hanyang University)
    Jae-yoon Choi(KAIST)
    Antonio Garcia-Garcia(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
    Xian-Hui Ge(Shanghai University)
    Myung Joon Han(KAIST)
    Jung Hoon Han(Sungkyunkwan University)
    Koji Hashimoto(Osaka Univeristy)
    Yuji Hirono(APCTP)
    Matti Jarvinen(APCTP)
    Hyun-Sik Jeong(Kavli ITS)
    Jaeyong Kim(Hanyang University)
    Kee Hoon Kim(Seoul National University)
    Keun-Young Kim(GIST)
    Ki-Seok Kim(POSTECH)
    Kyung Kiu Kim(Sejong University)
    Yeongkwan Kim(KAIST)
    Youngkuk Kim(Sungkyunkwan University)
    SungBin Lee(KAIST)
    Li Li(Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Yan Liu(Beihang University)
    Eun-Gook Moon(KAIST)
    Soonjae Moon(Hanyang University)
    Chao Niu(Jinan University)
    Chanyong Park(GIST)
    Moon Jip Park(IBS)
    Jun Won Rhim(Ajou University)
    Koenraad Schalm(Leiden University)
    Jungpil Seo(DGIST)
    Yunseok Seo(Kookmin University)
    Yong-il Shin(Seoul National University)
    Sang-Jin Sin(Hanyang University)
    Julian Sonner(Geneva University)
    Ya-Wen Sun(University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Run-Qiu Yang(Tianjin University)
    Junggi Yoon(APCTP)
    Program 8/16 - 8/19: Offline meeting (invited only due to COVID-19)
    - Discussion on strong correlation and quantum criticality

    Chair: Ki-Seok Kim

    [9:00-10:00] Youngkuk Kim : Stiefel-Whitney characterization of filling-enforced obstructed atomic insulators
    [10:30-11:00] Gil Young Cho : Number parity measurement as an experimental access to Boundary Conformal Field Theory (BCFT) data
    [11:00-11:30] Moon Jip Park : Flatbands in photonic moire superlattice
    [15:30-16:30] Eun-Gook Moon : Advancing hybrid quantum classical algorithms via mean-operators
    [17:00-18:00] SungBin Lee : Deconfinement and Hidden phases of U(1) quantum spin liquids

    Chair: Sang-Jin Sin

    [9:00-10:00] Ki-Seok Kim : Emergent dual holography away from quantum criticality
    [10:30-11:30] Jung Hoon Han : "Interesting" spin models with topological and local symmetries
    [14:00-15:00] Jun Won Rhim : Novel geometric aspects in flat band systems
    [15:30-16:30] Matteo Baggioli : What can we learn about amorphous solids from black holes?
    [17:00-17:30] Yunseok Seo : Impurity induced metal-insulator transition from holography
    [17:30-18:00] Kyung Kiu Kim : Impurity effect on hysteric magnetoconductance : holographic approach

    Chair: Keun-Young Kim

    [10:30-11:30] Koji Hashimoto : Bulk reconstruction of metrics by QFT data
    [14:00-15:00] Run-Qiu Yang : Gravity duals of quantum distances
    [15:30-16:30] Li Li : Towards the internal structure of black holes
    [17:00-18:00] Xian-Hui Ge: Page Curves and Islands in Charged Dilaton Black Holes

    Chair: Hyun-Sik Jeong

    [9:00-9:30] Chanyong Park : Holographic time-dependent entanglement entropy in p-brane gas geometries
    [9:30-10:00] Ya-Wen Sun : Topological modes from non-inertial frames
    [15:30-16:30] Julian Sonner : Chaos & Ergodicity in Quantum Gravity I
    [17:00-18:00] Koenraad Schalm : Quantum critical Eliashberg Theory, the SYK superconductor and their holographic duals

    Chair: Kyung Kiu Kim

    [9:00-09:30] Matti Jarvinen : Generalized 3D instanton crystals
    [10:30-11:30] Yan Liu : Black hole singularities across phase transitions
    [15:30-16:30] Antonio Garcia-Garcia : Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: from quantum chaos to quantum gravity
    [17:00-17:30] Junggi Yoon : Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation for SYK Model

    Chair: Chanyong Park

    [9:00-10:00] Chao Niu : Dynamical scalarization of AdS black hole in EMS/EMD theories
    [10:30-11:00] Hyun-Sik Jeong : Bounds on diffusion constants: quantum chaos & hydrodynamic convergence
    [11:00-11:30] Yuji Hirono : Counting Nambu-Goldstone modes of higher-form global symmetries
    [15:30-16:30] Julian Sonner : Chaos & Ergodicity in Quantum Gravity II
    [17:00-18:00] Julian Sonner : Chaos & Ergodicity in Quantum Gravity III
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    Keun-Young Kim (
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