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    YST - Young Scientist Training Program


    • My research interest research focuses on the field of theoretical spintronics and aims at identifying novel mechanisms that can be used to operate spin-based devices. Create a new model and conditions for new type of coupling for predicting of novel spin-orbit phenomena tacking place at metallic interfaces. Another direction of my activity concerns the spin transport and manipulation of magnetic textures. With my colaborators we showed that magnetic textures with non-trivial topology could lead to topological torques that can be exploited favorably to enhance the mobility of magnetic skyrmions and nanowires.
      Another direction of my activity: develop new principles of ternary spintronics on the basis of magnetic nanofilms with specific topological properties; give comprehensive description of dynamics of vortical spin structures in nanofilms; develop utility models of new generation memory storage, explore vortical magnetic structure localized in the systems of topological features of nanofilms; discover specific conditions corresponding to each of the three stable states of magnetic structure, which encodes a trit of information; theoretically establish energy-efficient methods of controlling such structures and reading their states; develop methods of creation of required topology.

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