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    The 3rd International Workshop on Scanning Probe Microscopy



    This workshop is going to focus on interesting science and engineering research using scanning probe microscopy. The conference topics includes semiconductors and metals, magnetic systems, 2D materials and devices, superconductors and topological materials, biological systems, surface reactions, novel instrumentations, and theory and simulations.  

    Dates:  August 29 (Mon) ~ August 31 (Wed)

    Venue: Lahan Hotel, Pohang 


    ● Abstract Due: 7/8 (Fri) ~7/31 (Sun) 

    ● Registration Due: 7/8 (Fri) ~8/12 (Fri) 

    ● Registration Fee

       Regular: 400,000 KRW, Student: 150,000 KRW


    Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH) 

    Tae-Hwan Kim (POSTECH) 

    Daesu Lee (POSTECH) 

    Jeoung Young Park (KAIST) 

    Jae-Hyuk Choi (KRISS)

    Sang Mo Yang (Sogang) 

    Hyo Won Kim (Samsung) 

    Donghun Lee (Korea) 

    Jungdae Kim (Ulsan Univ.) 

    Doohee Cho (Yonsei Univ.) 

    Jewook Park (IBS) 

    Sangjun Jeon (CAU) 

    Kyoung-Duck Park (POSTECH) 

    Invited Speakers

    Myung-Hwa Jung (Sogang Univ.) 

    Woo Seok Choi (SKKU)

    Joong Il Choi (IBS)

    Seungbum Hong (KAIST)

    Junho Suh (KRISS)

    Taekyeoung Kim (HUFS)

    Won-Jun Jang (IBS)

    Kab-Jin Kim (KAIST)

    Gyung-Min Choi (SKKU)

    Joonho Jang (SNU)

    Hyobin Yoo (Sogang Univ.)

    Hyung-Joon Shin (UNIST)

    Sunghun Kim (KAIST)

    Jong Hun Kim (SNU)

    Sangmin An (CNU)

    Junghoon Jahng (KRISS)

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