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    Scientific Programs

    Title The 55th Workshop on Gravity and Cosmology
    Place APCTP, Pohang
    Date 2018-11-16~2018-11-17
    Program Category 3
    Organizer Inyong Cho (Seoul National University of Technology)
    Gungwon Kang (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)
    Hee Il Kim (ZettaHPC)
    Hyeong-Chan Kim (Korea National University of Transportation)
    Sang Pyo Kim (Gunsan National University)
    Sung-Won Kim (Ewha Womans University)
    Chang-Hwan Lee (Pusan National University)
    Wonwoo Lee (CQUeST, Sogang University)
    John. J Oh (National Institute for Mathematical Science)
    Hyung Won Lee (Inje University)
    Seokcheon Lee (Gyeongsang National University)
    Kyoung Yee Kim (Inje University)
    Bogeun Gwak (Sejong University)