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    Title The 25th Asian Workshop on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations (ASIAN-25)
    Place University of Ulsan, Haesong Hall
    Registration/Participants Invited speakers, please submit the abstract of your talk before XXX.

    Those participating in the poster session, please submit your abstracts before XXXX to Ms. XXXX (
    Date 2024-10-28~ 2024-10-30
    Program Category 1
    Organizer Sonny H. Rhim ( University of Ulsan)
    Younwoo Son ( Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
    Noejung Park ( Ulsan National Institutie of Science and Technology)
    Young-Han Shin ( University of Ulsan)
    Sooran Kim ( Kyungpook National University)
    Bongjae Kim ( Kyungpook National University)
    Heungsik Kim ( Kagnwon National University)
    Myung-Joon Han ( Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
    Chang-Jong Kang ( Chungnam National University)
    Junhee Lee ( Ulsan National Institutie of Science and Technology)
    Hosub Jin ( Ulsan National Institutie of Science and Technology)
    Jaejun Yu ( Seoul National University)
    Invited Speakers Plenery Speakers:
    Andrew M Rappe (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
    Kristjan Haule (Rutgers Univ.)
    Umesh Wagmore (Nehru Centre of Advanced Scientific Research)
    Steven G. Louie (University of California, Berkeley)

    Invited Speakers: