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    The 3rd workshop on stochasticity and fluctuations in small systems



     Important Notes 

    Registration: For the participants including the invited speakers, please make a registration with the following information.

    - Talk or poster title

    - Arrival/Departure 

    Oral/poster: Apart from the invited talks, we also made slots for the oral talk by junior scientists and a poster session.

    To participate in this program, simply provide your talk tile or poster title in the registration form. 

    Hotel: All the important information are provided in the section of Accommodation. Please carefully go over this section. 

    Date & Places 

    Nov 22 (Tue) -- Nov 25 (Fri), 2022

    POSCO International Center (PIC), Nov 22 & Nov 23

    The Lahan hotel (Pohang), Nov 24 & Nov 25 


    This symposium aims to provide a regular international scientific meeting for scientists in the fields of statistical and biological physics.
    This symposium discusses current research topics in small systems, such as biological, soft matter, and complex systems,
    where the notions of stochasticity and fluctuations are essential to understand the phenomena.
    The participants will have an opportunity to present and discuss their research achievements in diverse frontier topics as well as freely
    exchanging new ideas for scientific collaborations. Additionally, to the junior scientists in the East Asia regions, this meeting will be an
    excellent venue to learn the current frontier topics from the leading scientists.    

    Invited speakers (cont')

    Michael Assaf (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

    Yongjoo Baek (Seoul National University)  

    Stas Burov (Bar Ilan University)  

    Yoon-Kyoung Cho (UNIST/IBS)

    Jeong-Mo Choi (Pusan National University) 

    Sujit S. Datta (Princeton University)  

    Yuval Garini (Technion) 

    Cheol-Min Ghim (UNIST)  

    Yuji Hirono (APCTP) 

    Won Kyu Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)  

    Jin Su Kim (POSTECH)  

    Walter Kob (Université de Montpellier)  

    Diego Krapf (Colorado State University)  

    Jae Sung Lee (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)  

    Jong-Bong Lee (POSTECH) 

    Ludvig Lizana (Umeå University) 

    Hye Jin Park (Inha University)  

    Simone Pigolotti (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)  

    Guenter Radons (Chemnitz University of Technology)  

    Je Kyung Ryu (Seoul National University)  

    Takahiro Sakaue (Aoyama Gakuin University)  

    Flavio Seno (Padua University)  

    Taeguen Song (Kongju National University)

    Min Ju Shon (POSTECH) 

    Vittoria Sposini (University of Vienna) 

    Yong Xu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)  

    Eiji Yamamoto (Keio University) 

    Jejoong Yoo (Sungkyunkwan University) 



    Jae-Hyung Jeon (POSTECH)

    Yong Woon Kim (KAIST)

    Eli Barkai (Bar Ilan University)

    Ralf Metzer (Potsdam University)