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    The 3rd workshop on stochasticity and fluctuations in small systems



    Time table and the title of the talks will be informed in this section. 

    Invited talks: 30 mins, young scientist talks: 20 min, poster session (Nov 22, 18:00)


    Time table


      The 3rd Workshop on Stochasticity and Fluctuations in Small Systems  
      22 ~ 25 November, 2022 / APCTP (POSCO Int'l Center, Lahan Hotel)  
      Time 11/22 (Tue) 11/23 (Wed) 11/24 (Thu) 11/25 (Fri)  
      Venue PIC PIC Lahan Lahan  
      BUS 8:40 No bus Lahan → PIC PIC → Lahan PIC → Lahan  

    *(11:30) Bus from
    Lahan → PIC
    S. Datta
    (Princeton University)
    Y. Garini
    J. Yoo
    (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
    Y. Baek
    (Seoul National Univ.)
    J.-B. Lee
    J.-M. Choi
    (Pusan National Univ.)
    Break Break Break  
    D. Krapf
    (Colorado State Univ.)
    E. Yamamoto
    (Keio University)
    T. Song
    (Kongju National Univ.)
    M. J. Shon
    J. K. Ryu
    (Seoul National Univ.)
    R. Metzler
    (Potsdam University)
    Free Discussion Lunch Lunch  
    Opening at 13:45
    Session 1
    S. Pigolotti
    C.-M. Ghim
    V. Sposini
    (University of Vienna)
    (13:30) BUS: Lahan→PIC  
    H. J. Park
    (Inha University)
    Y. Hirono
    Y.-K. Cho.
    (UNIST / IBS)
    T. Sakaue
    (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
    J. S. Kim
    G. Radons
    (Chemnitz University)
    L. Lizana
    (Umeå University)
    Break Break  
    Session 2
    Break S. Burov
    (Bar Ilan University)
    J. S. Lee
    W. Kob
    (Univ. of Montpellier)
    M. Assaf
    (Hebrew University)
    F. Seno
    (Padua University)
    Young Scientists  
    W. K. Kim
      BUS 18:30 PIC → Restaurant PIC → Restaurant Banquet  
    샤브향 (Shabu-hyang)
      BUS 20:30 Restaurant → Lahan Restaurant → Lahan (21:00) Lahan → PIC  
      Organizers: J.-H. Jeon (POSTECH/ APCTP) / Yong Woon Kim (KAIST) / Ralf Metzler (Potsdam Univ.) / Eli Barkai (Bar Ilan Univ.)

    The 3rd Workshop on Stochasticity and Fluctuations in Small Systems



    Tuesday, 22 November 2022                                                                  


    13:45                        Opening remark: J.-H. Jeon

    14:00 ~ 16:00          Session Chair, E. Barkai

                      14:00        S. Pigolotti, Speed variations of bacterial replisomes

                      14:30        H. J. Park, Selecting microbial collectives with the best function

                      15:00        T. Sakaue, First passage statistics of non-Markovian walkers: Onsager’s regression hypothesis approach

                      15:30        L. Lizana, Modelling chromosome-wide target search

                      16:00        Break


    16:30 ~ 18:00          Poster session




    Wednesday, 23 November 2022                                                                 


    09:30 ~ 12:00          Session Chair, J.-B. Lee

                      09:30        S. Datta, Life in a tight spot: how bacteria spread through crowded spaces

                      10:00        Y. J. Baek, TBA

                      10:30        Break

                      11:00        D. Krapf, RNA dynamics in the cytoplasm of mammalian cells

                      11:30        M. J. Shon, Force-dependent transitions in biomolecular assemblies


    12:00 ~ 14:00          Lunch


    14:00 ~ 16:00          Session Chair, Y. W. Kim

                      14:00        C.-M. Ghim, Beyond steady-state approximations in chemical kinetics

                      14:30        Y. Hirono, TBA

                      15:00        J. S. Kim, Stochastically modeled chemical reaction networks

                      15:30        Break


    16:00 ~ 18:00          Session Chair, C.-M. Ghim

                      16:00        S. Burov, Exponential tails and asymmetry relations for the spread of biased random walks

                      16:30        W. Kob, Non-Gaussian dynamics in glassy systems

                      17:00        F. Seno, Grand canonical polymers originates Brownian yet not Gaussian diffusion

                      17:30        W. K. Kim, Solute Permeation in gels: from passive to active transport




    Thursday, 24 November 2022                                                                 


    09:30 ~ 12:00          Session Chair, W. K. Kim

                      09:30        Y. Garini, DNA dynamics in vitro and in the cell nucleus

                      10:00        J.-B. Lee, Human DNA Mismatch Repair at the single-molecule level

                      10:30        Break

                      11:00        E. Yamamoto, Conformational fluctuations of proteins affect their instantaneous diffusivity

                      11:30        J. K. Ryu, Bridging-induced phase separation by SMC complexes


    12:00 ~ 14:00          Lunch



    14:00 ~ 16:00          Session Chair, R. Metzler

                      14:00        V. Sposini, Anomalous diffusion accompanies slow dynamics in colloidal glass-formers

                      14:30        Y.-K. Cho, Dynamics of mode transition in dendritic cell migration

                      15:00        G. Radons, Chaotic diffusion in delay systems

                      15:30        Break


    16:00 ~ 18:00          Session Chair, L. Lizana

                      16:00        J. S. Lee, Universal form of thermodynamic uncertainty relation for Langevin dynamics and its applications

                      16:30        M. Assaf, Distribution of outbreak sizes in the SIR model


    17:00 ~ 18:00           Young Scientist Session (Chaired by L. Lizana)

                      17:00        S. Ro, Fate of motility-induced phase separation in disordered boundaries

                      17:20        B. Nakayama, Tunable pheromone interactions among microswimmers self-propelling on a phase change material substrate

                      17:40        J.-M. Park, Effect of magnetic field on the thermodynamic uncertainty relation


    18:00 ~ 20:00          Banquet




    Tuesday, 22 November 2022                                                                 


    09:30 ~ 12:00          Session Chair, J.-H. Jeon

                      09:30        J. Yoo, TBA

                      10:00        J.-M. Choi, Biological noise reduction by phase separation

                      10:30        Break

                      11:00        T. Song, Machine learning as useful tools for small systems

                      11:30        R. Metzler, Beyond Brownian motion: from data to models


    12:00 ~ 14:00          Lunch


    14:00 ~ 18:00          Excursion







    Poster Presentations


    1.       Seongyu Park (POSTECH), Identification of a new diffusion state of MSH2-MSH6 sliding clamp via hidden Markov models

    2.       Naoya Katayama (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.), Analysis of the distance between two particles in Brownian motion

    3.       Jaehong An (POSTECH), Heterogeneous diffusion described by Telegrapher's equation

    4.       Byeong Guk Go (KAIST), Target Search by random distribution for flight length

    5.       Yeongjin Kim (POSTECH), Active Transport of Self-Propelled Particles in a Tilted Periodic Potential

    6.       Lucas Hedström (Umea Univ.), TBA

    7.       Sungmin Joo (POSTECH), Active diffusion and ergodicity governed by nonequilibrium generalized Langevin equations

    8.       Yuta Sakamoto (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.), Brownian motion with memory effect under absorbing boundary

    9.       Chan Lim (POSTECH), Loop extrusion-induced anomalous chromatin dynamics: a computational study

    10.    Florian Pflug (OIST), TBA

    11.    Yongjea Oh (SNU), A thermodynamically consistent model of fuel-consuming active engines

    12.    Hyogeon Park (KAIST), Jarzynski equation in the microcanonical ensemble

    13.    HyeongTark Han (POSTECH), Activeness hinders accurate estimation of the extent of anomalous diffusion via thermodynamic uncertainty relation

    14.    Sujit S. Datta (Princeton), Life in a tight spot: How bacteria spread through crowded spaces